How I stay motivated to workout

How I stay motivated to workout

It’s no secret that going to the gym can be daunting, especially after you get out of a routine or never had one in the first place. The thoughts of “I can do that later,” “I’m too tired right now,” or just fear of looking silly using equipment at the gym.

Personally, I do love going to the gym and I get motivated by others around me, but that doesn’t mean I always enjoy working out. So, how do I get motivated and stay motivated?

I eat right.

This can mean so many different things, but for me I make sure to eat lots of protein that will keep me full and energized. If I eat too many carbs, sweets, or even too little of carbs, I often feel bloated and have stomach issues. It’s important to pay attention to the foods that keep you energized during the day, but not full to where to are too lazy to do anything (I often make this mistake). What are some good foods to eat? I usually go for almonds and string cheese, apple with some peanut butter, or crackers and some cottage cheese.

I pack my workout bag the night before.

I know this seems silly, but for me, knowing I already packed all my things makes it easier to go to the gym and not think about going home to change my clothes or change my mind for that matter! This is a little something that holds me accountable!

I use my Apple Watch often.

Not everyone has an Apple Watch, but even using a Fitbit or some kind of tracker watch can be beneficial. Mine really motivates me to close those rings or reach my 10,000 steps! I have it set up to give me reminders to move through the day. I really count on my watch and use it every time I workout. I love being “congratulated” when I meet fitness goals, and it’s like having something to hold you accountable other than you.

I switch up my workouts.

This one is probably the most important. As I have gotten older and work in an office all day, I would dread working out because I would train and work the same muscles constantly or always doing the same cardio. I have recently switched it up and joined CycleBar with one of my friends or I run outside. This keeps my body on its toes and allows me to not get bored, which often leads to not working out.

I have a workout buddy.

I’m not saying you have to workout with them every time, but having someone a couple times a week to motivate you and go with you can be fun! I go to CycleBar with one of my friends, as mentioned above, and it’s made my experience so much better. She holds me accountable and I look forward to going because we can always talk and catch up while burning those calories and earning those power points (you CycleStars know exactly what I’m talking about!)

I workout first thing in the morning.

Back in the gold ‘ol college days, I used to b able to work out at 10 p.m., and the thought of that nowadays makes me laugh out loud because my bedtime is 9 p.m. Working out first thing in the morning allows me to not overthink or talk myself out of getting a good morning run or cycling. As an added bonus, it makes me feel more energized during the day and I have my evenings free to do what I want!

Although the thought of working out or staying in a routine seems impossible, it can be done easily as long as you equip your mind and body right! It’s still an uphill battle for me, but I am slowly learning what I can do to make it easier for myself and I hope you can too.

Just doing what I do best: sitting at my computer either writing or watching Netflix. It’s a coin toss at this point. Get to know me!



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