About Me

Hey, you! My name is Kaitlyn Taggart, but most people just call me Kate. I began blog writing a few years ago and it used to be a hobby but I hope to one day make a career of it. I enjoy writing about anything that has to do with weddings, fitness, food, and fashion.

I recently made a huge decision in my life. I moved from Denver to Oklahoma City to experience more of what is out in the world. That, and the love of my life lives in Oklahoma, so I decided to make a bold move and leave my friends a family behind to further my relationship. (It's been a great experience for those of you wondering. But, that's for another day.)

I absolutely love writing and I hope to inspire others or just to relate to people that are going through the same things I am in life. I think writing gives me a sense of escape and vent on a different level.

I hope to one day start my own Wedding Planning business because I love weddings and it would mean the world to me to help plan and be a part someone's special day.

When I am not sitting at my computer talking about my life, you can find me at the gym or sitting at home watching a good Netflix or Hulu show. I do not have any pets at the moment but I am a huge supporter of dogs. If anything, leave pictures of your pets on my posts because it will definitely make my day.

Feel free to roam around my site a little bit more and leave me a message. I cannot wait to get to know you and for you to get to know more about me 🙂